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Cleaning Products
Additional Services
Wash, Dry & Fold (minimum 5kg)R 26.00KG
Wash, Dry & Iron (minimum 5kg)R 32.00KG
Small Items*R 9.00Item
*Collar shirt, formal trousers, tops, clothing, pillow covers, cushion covers are considered as small items. This is for specific items only being if you make use of our only Wash Dry and Fold service and you would like other items steamed ironed.
Large Items**R 9.00Item
** Bedding items such as sheets, duvet covers are considered as large items. This is for specific items only being if you make use of our only Wash Dry and Fold service and you would like other items steamed ironed.
Ironing Only***R 22.00KG
*** All items will be ironed if Iron Only has been chosen.
Curtains & Couch CoversR 35.00KG
*** All items will be ironed if Iron Only has been chosen.
Trouser Hem - Long or ShortR 65.00Item
Skirt Hem - Long or ShortR 76.00Item
Dress Hem - Long or ShortR 76.00Item
Waiste Adjustment - Any sizeR 70.00Item
Narrow Pipe - Side legR 76.00Item
Narrow Pipe - Side DressR 76.00Item
Long Zip - Bags, PillowsR 92.00Item
Zip - Short TrouserR 70.00Item
Zip - Long TrouserR 70.00Item
Denim Zip - Short TrouserR 76.00Item
Denim Zip - Long TrouserR 87.00Item
Jacket Sleeve - Any SizeR 103.00Item
Blazer Sleeve - Any SizeR 103.00Item
School Dress Hem - Any LengthR 76.00Item
Stitch and Patch - Small AreaR 43.00Item
Stitch and Patch - Large AreaR 54.00Item
Buttons - Per Button any TypeR 21.00Item
Elastic - Trouser or SkirtR 76.00Item
Dress Adjustment - SleevesR 87.00Item
Dress Adjustment - ChestR 76.00Item
Dress Adjustment - Narrow PipeR 76.00Item
Tracksuit Hem - Any LengthR 65.00Item
Coat Adjustment - Extend or short sleeveR 103.00Item
Curtain Adjustment - Per MetreR 65.00Per Metre
Table Cloth Adjustment - Per MetreR 65.00Per Metre
Shirts/ Pull Over Pipe - Any typeR 70.00Item
Cusion Repair - Stitch and patch per itemR 65.00Item
Item   Price Unit
Shorts R 38.00 Item
Trouser R 43.00 Item
Jacket R 55.00 Item
Casual Dress - Normal R 60.00 Item
Casual Dress - Long R 65.00 Item
Casual Dress - Long R 85.00 Item
Skirts Plain R 43.00 Item
Skirts Pleated R 48.00 Item
Suit x 2 R 88.00 Item
Suit x 3 R 105.00 Item
Jump Suit R 88.00 Item
Waist Coat R 30.00 Item
Ties R 28.00 Item
Pull over R 33.00 Item
Jersey Light R 40.00 Item
Jersey Heavy R 45.00 Item
Leather Jackets R 173.00 Item
Suede Jackets R 173.00 Item
Leather/Suede Coats R 173.00 Item
Lumber Jackets - Light R 55.00 Item
Lumber Jackets - Medium R 60.00 Item
Lumber Jackets - Heavy R 65.00 Item
Coat R 65.00 Item
Trench Coat R 75.00 Item
Shirts R 28.00 Item
Pleated skirt Press Only R 30.00 Item
Trouser Overall R 23.00 Item
Jacket Overall R 25.00 Item
Dust Coat Overall R 30.00 Item
Ball Gown R 148.00 Item
Evening Dress - Sequence R 110.00 Item
Evening Dress - Plain R 93.00 Item
Wedding 3 Piece R 190.00 Item
Wedding Plain R 175.00 Item
Wedding Sequence R 203.00 Item
Continental Pillow R - Item
Standard Pillow R - Item
Continental Down Pillow R - Item
Standard Down Pillow R - Item
Down Duvet Single R 98.00 Item
Down Duvet Double R 120.00 Item
Mohair Wall Hangings R 49.00 Item
Curtains R 35.00 Kg
Comforter R 35.00 Kg
Bags R - Kg
Blankets R 35.00 Kg
Item   Price Unit
Jean , Formal TrouserR 146.00Item
SkirtR 146.00Item
DungareeR 167.00Item
Jacket MediumR 157.00Item
Jacket LightR 178.00Item
OvercoatR 200.00Item
Collar ShirtR 136.00Item
BlouseR 136.00Item
T-Shirt, TopR 115.00Item
T-Shirt, Golf ShirtR 104.00Item
VestR 83.00Item
DressR 157.00Item
ShortsR 115.00Item
Jersery No SleevesR 115.00Item
Jersey Sleeves SmallR 115.00Item
Jersey light, SmallR 136.00Item
Tracksuit TopR 146.00Item
Tracksuit PantsR 146.00Item
Cap or HatR 75.00Item
BagR 94.00Item
BeltR 55.00Item
OverallsR 167.00Item
Dressing Gown & BeltR 67.00Item
Waist CoatR 104.00Item
ItemUnit Price
All Purpose Cleaner1 litreR 31.00
All Purpose Cleaner5 litreR 90.00
Heavy Duty Degreaser1 litreR 31.00
Heavy Duty Degreaser5 litreR 90.00
Pine Gel1 litreR 42.00
Pine Gel5 litreR 110.00
Bleach750 mlR 22.00
Dish Washing Liquid1 litreR 35.00
Ammo Clean1 litreR 28.00
Air Freshner (Cherry)500 mlR 30.00

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